Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

Nutzloser Zweckpost

Ja, auch ich lebe noch. Klingt komisch, is' es auch. Macht aber nix.
Was ist alles bei mir passiert?
Ich hab seit 1.9. eine Ausbildung, meine Haare sind jetzt kurz und violett und das war's.

Bin grad in der Berufsschule. Hatten einen Arbeitsauftrag. War simpel. Jetz hab ich die 2. Stunde nix zu tun, in WhatsApp antwortet grad auch niemand. Da tipp ich halt mal n Update. Is ja auch mal was.
Ich merk grad selbst , dass ich anders schreibe als sonst. Liegt vielleicht dran, dass ich müde bin und keine Lust habe.

Irgendwie bekomm ich den Tag schon rum

Samstag, 2. August 2014

Right in the crotch

You guys remember when I said I was happy with a girl? Well how do I say? We broke up after a little more than a month. It just didn't fit at all. I was wrong about her being the right one and so on.
At first I was truly happy, without a doubt. But with time came loneliness and a feeling I would call "boredom".
But there was one crucial thing I would not have been able to live with:
absolutely NO sex at all, maybe a little bit petting, but that would have been all.
And you know how I think about sex in a relationship, right? Yep, it's important for me.
I don't even count this month as a true relationship. Just a short love, nothing more, nothing less.

What does that exactly mean? Simple answer: I am single for 8 months now and I got the feeling I'll never find a girl again.
Life sucks, right?
Yeah, kinda

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Band Support Mannheim

Music is my passion. 
Concerts give me the best feeling I could possibly get. 
But just going to concerts does not fully support the bands. That's the reason why a very close friend of mine, me and now my girlfriend, too are part of the so called "Band Support Mannheim"

What do we do?
We take local bands(mostly Hardcore and Metal) into our support program, promote them and get them gigs. We visit those gigs, take pictures and report about these events. We also do interviews in certain cases. 

Does it benefit us?
Yes. We get lowered prices on tickets(rarely free entry), in some cases we get VIP status(backstage entry and stuff like that). We also get to know the bands closer and maybe become friends with them.

Can YOU support US?
Yes, you can. Just via a single click.
Just beat up that Like-Button on our Facebook-Page and YOU are supporting aspring bands.

Here's the link to our page:
Hit me hard :*

So please do us this favour and hit that like button right in the face and help us helping bands.

Thank you

Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Hppy Sura is happy :D

Yeah, Guys, I am happy :)
 "Why are you happy?"
That's a good question. Let me answer it for you ;)

I have a new girlfriend! :3 It took long to find someone and now there she is!
She lives not too far away from me(just, like an hour or so. Maybe a bit more) and she's the cutest compared to my previous girlfriends.
She is also the second who makes me happy. You all know, who was the other one. I don't want to talk about my Ex now haha :D

Let's talk a bit more about my new girlfriend. 
Her name is Nadine, she's 17 and she is a goth, like me. hehe
(I'll tell you another time what's up with my mind about scene changes and all that stuff. But that's not important right now)
She actually "found" me. She messaged me on a portal for single all across the black scene. I was astonished that such a cute girl would even bother to click on my profile. It was a really nice and friendly message, so I replied(obviously). 
We chatted and last saturday, we went to a movie and I realized that it's wonderful to be in company with someone who shares mostly of your own thoughts. 
Yesterday, we went to a village fair in Mannheim. Nadine went to the Main train station to pick me up. She welcomed me with a kiss. It surprised me but I love it when I get positively surprised or "conquered" by someone. It was a wonderful day. We are now also officially a couple and this makes me even more happy.
This will be a long relationship. I've got the feeling, she's "the right one" that I sought for so long.

You see? 
I love my life, even though it's also hard. But you need to pull through and push yourself. 
I cherish my life now even more. I've got something to live for!

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Thinking about something

Who doesen't know I am playing League of Legends?
Well, I made a post about it. Haha
As I was playing with some friends I had an idea.
The idea of making a ranked team. Not to reach the top of the league but to have fun with unconventional pics(like Solwolf's "Breaking The Meta") or even troll games. We just wanna have a good time while playing.
I immediately had a name for this team:

"The Flying Feeders"

My friends were amazed by this name and so we claimed it as our team name.
At first we wanna play for fun but maybe later on we play for elo. And I have the dream that one day I'll be playing LCS(League of Legends Championship Series) with my team.
But first I need 3 or more people to help us out.

Criterias to be part of us:
-be summoner level 30(or at least 28)
-speak german
-don't play for high ranks. We all need more practice to become a good team.
-don't be afraid to talk on skype with us. We are a goofy troop of people.
-It's very good if you main a lane, so we can put you perfectly in your role(no worries, you can main every role, but some of us do, too. I am maining jungle and top and play a bit of mid)

You can "apply" by sending me an E-Mail or contact me in LoL

LoL: xXTodesEngelXx2(<- I wanna change it to "Sura"or "ChaoX")

I would be happy if some people would contact me in any of those ways.
Let's just have a bit of fun :)

See ya :)

Montag, 19. Mai 2014

Do you cherish your life?

Do you cherish your life? I do.
I love my life. Seriously.
I am happy just how it is. 

But have you ever thought of people who can't? Have you ever thought about people for whom it's better not to be alive? 
Trust/believe me, there are many of those. Children, adults and even elderly. 
Please watch this video and remember how good your life is. 

So, cherish and love life.

Do you trust and believe me now?

Montag, 7. April 2014


"You see I'm wasted
I can't quite get up yet

You see my head's off resting in this delusional stare
You see I'm wasted
I can't quite get up yet
You see my head's off resting in this delusional stare

The room kept spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning
And I'm a fucking mess

So I closed my eyes
I shut them so tight
To witness explosions of pure color and beauty

The room kept spinning and spinning
I start to think a little differently at what we are"
-Suicide Silence

Ja, mir geht's mal wieder nicht allzu gut. Ich bin abgespannt, müde, kaputt und mein Rücken macht mich fertig. Ich liege nur auf der Couch rum, schau Fern und schaffe es grade noch so, auf's Klo zu gehen, mehr nicht. Nicht mal zum zocken hab ich Lust. Aber ich hab mein Zimmer ein wenig weiter aufgeräumt. Was zum Fick ist los mit mir?! o.o

Ich stehe um halb 9 morgens auf, schlafe nicht mal mehr aus und beschäftige mich halbwegs sinnvoll, in dem ich mein Zimmer ein wenig auf Vordermann bringe. Nebenher schreib ich noch mit meiner neusten Bekanntschaft. Läuft gar nicht mal so schlecht grade, mein Leben. Mal kein Arschtritt, der mich zu Boden wirft und ich liegen bleibe. Mir geht es bis auf eine dezente Einsamkeit und oben benannten Probleme sogar gut.
Soll ja auch mal vorkommen, was? ;)

Es wird scheinbar doch alles besser. Und das ist auch gut so.
(Mir fällt auf, dass ich wieder mehr Lust habe, zu posten. Freut euch also auf mehr von mir :D)